Headlamp Flashlight
#PPDR O101

300 As low as $7.58 each
500 As low as $7.27 each
1000 As low as $7.20 each
3000 As low as $6.92 each
5000 As low as $6.72 each
10000 As low as $5.02 each
Headlamp has added a long press function. In any mode, if you hold the key mode button for 3 seconds, you can turn off the light directly, no longer need to cycle all modes. It also added motion sensor mode, you can easily turn the lights ON/OFF by waving your hand, which is more convenient and avoids soiling the headlamp when your hands are dirty. The headlamp flashlight uses class-leading LED chips that has the maximum brightness of 1200 lumens, easily light up an entire tent and road.he hand-free headlamp is only weight 1.87 OZ, comfortable and lightweight. The lamp head can be rotated 60 and tightly fixed to avoid shaking and sliding when running.

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A portable headlamp that can fit anyone in size and is very bright, and is commonly used outdoors, fishing, and camping.



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